About Counselling

There are many different types of counselling and the choices available might feel a little bewildering to those who are unfamiliar with the ‘talking therapies’. You may well be wondering what is meant by Psychodynamic Counselling?

At the heart of most types of therapy is the importance of the relationship between client and counsellor. This is certainly the case with Psychodynamic Counselling and the dynamics of the client/therapist relationship provide a focus for much of the work. Considerable importance is also placed on your own personal history since past experiences and relationships can have a significant effect on current behaviour, sometimes in ways of which we are not even aware. The aim is to help you gain insight into emotional difficulties and problematic patterns of behaviour in order that you can move forward with your life in a more productive and satisfying way.

I do not practice long term open-ended counselling, so the number of sessions to be undertaken will be discussed and agreed upon during the initial session. There will be some degree of flexibility depending on circumstances.

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